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A collection of our favorite reader-approved recipes featuring Lentils! Find out how to cook delicious lentils, from green to red. Lentils are a staple in our kitchen and cooking. These little lentils are inexpensive, hearty, and filling. Check out our Instant pot lentil recipes from  delicious soups to nutritious dal or lentil curry.

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 Instant pot lentil recipes


The electric pressure cooker is perfect for making lentil dishes  It takes a fraction of the time than it takes to make Lentils on the stovetop.

If you’re an Instant Pot beginner, take a deep breath and don’t let yourself be afraid of your Instant Pot. Check out our 15+ Quick and Easy Instant Pot Recipes for Beginners. Also check out our 110+ Instant Pot Vegetarian Recipes for all your instant pot recipe needs. From soups to pasta to desserts everything under one umbrella!

Are Lentils Good For Health?

They are a good source of plant-based protein and iron, are low calorie, and high in fiber. One cup of cooked lentils provides nearly 18 grams of protein.

  • Lentils are high in fiber.
  • Lentils help to balance blood sugar while supplying lasting energy.
  • Lentils are high in iron.
  • Lentils are high in folate and magnesium.
  • Lentils support a healthy heart.

So here we have a list of our favorite Lentil Recipes for you to try and make.

  • Dal makhani is Indian comfort food at its finest that your family will love. Thanks to the Instant Pot, it is quick and easy to make. This dal curry is perfect for cool days, days when you need a pick me up, and days when you just want to have something that tastes delicious. Some recipes are universally loved by every foodie and geographical boundaries don’t matter. Dal Makhani is one such recipe that is loved across the world.

madras lentils


  • Everyone’s favorite yellow Dal Tadka. A delicious lentil preparation served at Indian restaurants. You can now enjoy this restaurant style Dal at home as it’s super easy to make.

instant pot dal tadka


  • Green Moong Dal – This mung bean dal hits every note for a perfect meal. It is warming and filling, creamy and chunky, spiced but not spicy. Serve it with rice,  fresh naan or toasted bread for an easy weeknight meal!

instant pot green moong dal recipe

  • Instant Pot Dal Palak / Spinach Dal Video Recipe -brings modern convenience to traditional Indian cuisine. Bursting with flavor, dal palak is a great way to ensure that everyone in your family eats a protein packed, vegetarian meal.

Instant Pot Dal Palak / Spinach Dal Recipe

  • This Italian Lentil Soup is your everyday Lentil Soup. A hearty nutritious bowl of plant based powerhouse made with lots of veggies, lentils, herbs and seasonings. Super easy to make & ready in 15 minutes

Instant Pot Soup

  • Easy Red Lentil Soup with Lemon Recipe – An easy nutritious soup that is easy to put together and so comforting. Dump and stir recipe. Something about this soup really warms the soul. 

instant pot red lentil soup recipe

  • Instant Pot Mujadara Lentils and Rice – a humble, hearty, protein packed side or vegetarian main, made with lentils, rice and veggies. Cooked to perfection – no mushy lentils or rice.

Mujadara serving ideas


  •  This whole masoor dal recipe is both good and good for you. Rich, nourishing and delicious – this Brown Lentil curry is love at first bite.

instant pot lentil curry

  • This Instant Pot Spaghetti with Lentils makes a perfectly hearty weeknight dinner with just 7 pantry staples in 10 mins. It’s tasty, rich in protein,  fiber and budget friendly

vegan spaghetti wrapped around a fork

  • Wow you guests Instant Pot Lentil Salad with Roasted Butternut Squash. Learn how to cook the perfect lentils in your electric pressure cooker and make a delicious nutrient rich salad using those lentils

lentil salad with butternut squash recipe

  • Instant Pot Vegetable Split Pea Soup is a hearty vegetarian soup that gives you a bowl of warm comforting goodness on cold days.

split pea soup


Instant Pot Mujadara (Rice and Lentils)

Mujadara - This Instant Pot mujadara recipe is a delicious combination of lentils, rice and caramelized onions. This fragrant vegetarian recipe comes together quickly in your pressure cooker, making it perfect for any night of the week. Best part, the lentils and rice are cooked to perfection, no mushy rice nor lentils. 1 min. Video recipe. 

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