Tindora Sabji


Our Air Fryer Tindora recipe is a deliciously spicy, earthy vegetable dish that is ready in 10 mins. Full of gourd, potatoes, and a carefully balanced blend of spices, this dish is as wholesome as it is tasty.

Tindora (Ivy Gourd) | Potaoes Oil | Besan Asafoetida | Turmeric Powder Red Chilli Powder | Cumin Powder Coriander Powder | Amchur Garlic Powder Lemon Juice For Garnish Cilantro For Garnish


First, prepare the tindora and potatoes. To start, remove the circular ends of the tindora and slice it lengthwise into 4 pieces. If the tindora is overripe and slightly reddish, then please discard it.

To prepare the potatoes, first peel them, then cut the circular ends off and then slice the remainder of the potatoes to match the tindora.

Add the oil, besan, and spices to a large bowl and then mix well. Next, add the tindora and potatoes, coat them well with the mixture, and then toss them into the air fryer basket.

Set the air fryer for 10 minutes at 375°F, making sure to shake the basket once before the timer goes off. Once ready, garnish  the tindora with lime juice and cilantro.

Finally, serve warm with roti, paratha, or dal rice.