Chipotle Mayo


Easy chipotle mayo/aioli is a spicy, smokey dipping sauce or dressing that is perfect for all your southwestern and Mexican-inspired dishes. We use it to dip all our favorites, like French fries.

Mayonnaise Sour Cream Chipotle Chiles Cumin Powder Black Pepper Cilantro Lime Juice


First, add all the ingredients to a food processor or blender and blend until smooth! Next, add more lime juice if you want more zing!

Can I make the chipotle Mayo vegan?

Yes! You can easily make this spicy mayo recipe vegan with vegan mayo and vegan sour cream.

Is Chipotle Aioli the same as chipotle mayo?

Yes! Chipotle aioli and chipotle mayo are the same thing. Aioli is really a fancy term for mayo.

What does chipotle mayo taste like?

Chipotle mayo is a spicy, hot, and somewhat smokey dip or dressing. We make it to top our favorite Mexican recipes and then to dip fries or other snacks into.

Finally, store leftovers in handy squeeze bottles so you are always ready for any chipotle mayo situation!