Apple Smoothie


Our healthy apple smoothie recipe uses fresh, whole ingredients to make the best tasting and refreshing drink. The smoothie is very filling, offers a lot of nutrients, and makes the perfect breakfast, lunch, or snack.

Apples or Homemade Apple Sauce Banana Peanut Or Almond Butter Maple Syrup Cinnamon Powder Unsweetened Almond Milk Ice


First, prepare the banana and apple for the smoothie by cutting them into chunks.

Next, add the apples or apple , banana chunks, peanut butter, cinnamon powder, and unsweetened almond milk to your blender and blend until smooth.

Finally, check the smoothie, if it is: • Too thick - add a small amount of milk to thin it. • Too thin - add a small amount of ice to thicken it • Not sweet enough - add in some maple syrup

• Streusel Topping • Cinnamon And Sugar  • Thin Sliced Apple As Garnish • Whipped Cream


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