A Mango


The easiest way to cut a mango involves cutting off the slides, scoring the flesh, and using a spoon to scoop out the slices or chunks.

Ripe Mango Sharp Knife Cutting Board


First cut the “cheeks” off the mango. To do this, position the mango on its bottom and slice about ⅓ in on both the left and right side. Use your knife to score the flesh from top to bottom with a small knife, being careful to not cut through the skin.

Each cut should be about a half inch from the next, though you can make the slices as thin or thick as you like. When you are done scoring them vertically, make roughly equal size scores from left to right.

After scoring, use a spoon to carefully scrap each slice away from the peel. Once you get the cheek’s flesh, you can slice off the remaining two thin strips on the mango.

You can then use your knife to cut the slices into cubes and use your spoon to remove the flesh. Finally, discard the center  or core.

Once you have cut the mango into cubes or slices, you can easily store it for up to about 5 days in the fridge.