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Instant Pot Burn Message

Did you get the BURN message while cooking in your Instant Pot? Don’t panic. Here you'll learn everything you need to know about the burn message. What it means? Why you get it? How to avoid it? What to do when you get the burn message?

It simply means that the Instant Pot has detected a very high temperate at the bottom of the pot and thus the burn warning. When the inner pot reaches temperatures that are very high, the sensors sense the high temperature and shut off the heat displaying a burn message.

What is the Instant Pot Burn message?

Well, when the temperatures are very hot at the bottom of the pot, and there is a loss of moisture, the food starts to stick to the pot, especially when it’s being pressure cooked when you can’t stir or deglaze (scraping off the bottom) the pot. Thus the burn display.

Why do we get the Instant Pot Food Burn Message?

• Make sure to add enough liquid. • Make sure the vent is sealed. • Use the pot-in-pot cooking method. • Grease the bottom of the inner pot. • Be sure the sealing ring is installed properly. Click the link for more tips.

How to Avoid a Food Burn Instant Pot Message

1. Cancel the program. 2. Release the pressure manually. 3. Open the lid and scrape off the food particles stuck at the bottom. 4. Remove food to another container. 5. Clean the pot thoroughly. 6. Put the food back into the pot with extra liquid this time and cook it again.

What To Do When The Instant Pot Says Burn?

The best way to avoid the burn message is to use tested recipes. We test our recipes before we share the final recipe on the blog with you. We make our mistakes, learn from them and fix the mistakes so that you don't have to make those mistakes.


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