Tea Party Sandwiches


Packed with veggies and low-fat yogurt, these easy tea party sandwiches make an elegant appetizer for any party, sure to impress a crowd.



• Whole Grain Bread • Shredded Carrots • Shredded Purple Cabbage • Green Avocado Cilantro Dressing • Yogurt • Herbs


 Shred the veggies. and strain the yogurt. Prep the green spread in your mixer. Take two separate bowls and mix half the yogurt with carrots and the other half with the cabbage. Add salt and black pepper.

Take four slices for one whole sandwich. Spread a layer of carrots on one. Purple cabbage on the second and green chutney on the third. If you are adding herbs to your sandwich add them at this point.

Stack the slices one above the other and then cut the sandwich diagonally. If you want the sandwiches to be smaller you could cut the sandwich once more to get four smaller bite-size sandwiches.

Serve on a  platter and relish these delicious bites.

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