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Our Food Philosophy

Healthy means different to different people and we recognize that. Our version of healthy living is eating real food that is cooked from scratch and free of added chemicals and preservatives.  Cooking from scratch gives you the option of portion control, using good quality ingredients and less sugar and salt. 

Our recipes are built on these principles. Here you will find real food recipes made from scratch from easily available, nutritious ingredients.  

We love preparing tasty, wholesome food with modern cooking techniques. Our recipes also embrace our background as Indian American moms, fusing together the best flavors of East and West. This has allowed us to build a diverse palate in our kids.

Want to work with us? 

We love working with partners that believe in our philosophy and share the message with our followers and readers. Thank you for your interest in reaching out to us. Email us directly at [email protected] for all queries.


Brands that we have partnered with through our journey



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