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How I Make Delicious Orange Iced Coffee at Home!

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This post is sponsored by Gevalia. 

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Big fan of the store bought fancy coffees? Here is a much affordable alternative for you to be your own barista and make delicious coffee at home. Secret ingredient revealed below. #GevaliaBaristaAtWM  #ad

As the days are getting warmer and cooler, we are always looking drinks to cool us off isn’t it?. So this time it’s no smoothie, juice, or popsicle but presenting to you one of my summer favorites, delicious and homemade Orange Iced Coffee.  Yes! I don’t need to go a coffee shop to buy myself a fancy cup of iced coffee anymore, I just make my own at home.  Better still, it’s heaps cheaper and with minimalist ingredients. How good is that?

How I make ORange ICed Coffee at home

Shsssssh! I have admit I do have a secret ingredient for this one. Thanks to Gevalia’s Cold Brew Concentrate that I can be my own Barista at home. Have you ever tried the Gevalia Cold Brew Concentrate before? It’s not like the other Cold Brews which are usually refrigerated and you just have to shake, pour and drink them. This one is brewed to customize. It can be mixed with whatever you like, for example milk, half and half, water and addition flavors to make it your own customized to make orange iced coffee at home

How to make orange iced cofee at home

What I love about Gevalia Cold Brew Concentrate is that I don’t have to wait for hours to brew my coffee. With just one concentrate I have option to customize my coffee to my taste and make it different every single time. I love that my homemade custom iced coffee costs so much lesser than a coffee shop.  Best of all, it is much richer (trust me it’s not bitter or acidic), dense, smooth and slightly sweet to taste. I know for sure I will be using this concentrate in many more recipes this summer. I even made some ice cubes by adding water to the concentrate.
how to make orange iced coffee at home


How to make orange spiced coffee at home

Next time you are at your local Walmart, don’t forget to check out the coffee aisle. Currently Gevalia Cold Brew Concentrate is available in two different flavors House Blend and Vanilla. A 32 Fl Oz Bottle costs just $5.90. Imagine making eight more exotic coffees with just that one bottle for that price. Use this Ibotta offer and save yourself some money too!

how to make orange iced coffee at home

So what do you think? Drop us your comments below. Do you see yourself enjoying your ‘me’ time with Gevalia Cold  Brew Concentrate? If you love exotic coffees like me, you sure won’t be disappointed.

Have you ever tried cold brew coffee before, what do you like about?

What other recipes would you make with Gevalia Cold Brew Concentrate?

Have you ever thought about the amount of money you spend on a coffee shop, coffee?

Do you like to indulge in fancy delicious drinks, with affordable options?

How I Make Delicious Orange Iced Coffee at Home!

How I Make Delicious Orange Iced Coffee at Home!



  1. Add all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and mix thoroughly. If you like your coffee a little frothy, shake it a little more than usual until it starts forming the froth. Pour it into a glass, Sprinkle some coffee beans or powder or enjoy your coffee as is.
  2. Note: Depending on how strong or light you like your coffee and the orange flavor you can increase or decrease the proportions.

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Saturday 22nd of July 2017

Oh wow! Just USD. 6?! I can save a lot when I get my hands on this. I'll try looking for it in the international section of our local markets. Crossing my fingers that we have it here!

Kristine Nicole Alessandra

Friday 21st of July 2017

Wow. I totally need that at home. Having an iced coffee concentrate would save me so much time and money! As hot as the weather is, nothing wakes me up and refreshes me more than a tall glass of my favorite iced coffee. I will pick up some Gevalia today. Hope they have it at the store near me!

Yeu Doi

Thursday 20th of July 2017

This sounds like an interesting combination! Will have to try soon!

Marina Jurcic

Thursday 20th of July 2017

I am such a coffee person. This recipe sounds great and I know this would be just like something for me.


Thursday 20th of July 2017

My favorite is iced coffee and your post makes me tempt for coffee now. Will follow your recipe and try it.

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