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Immune Booster Juice

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This Immune Booster Juice is made with fresh roots, vegetables and fruit. It plays an essential role in building immunity to help your body fight off the cold and flu season. It is also a great way to kick start your mornings if you are juice fasting or trying to reset your body.

October marks the beginning of fall. However for the Indian diaspora across the globe, it means a month of non stop fall festivities, celebrations and lots of rich food. Not only is the month heavy on the pockets but also on the waistline. It usually begins with Navratri (9 nights) where apart from 9 nights of celebrations and prayers, a lot of folks observe fasts during the day by eliminating certain foods. Honestly I have never observed these fasts, but this year I have taken it upon myself to clean, detox and reset by body during these 9 days. Instead of fasting and then binge at night, I will be rebooting my system.

reboot with joe, juice

What is a reboot?

During this period, I will be only consuming fruits and vegetables only to make sure I get enough nutrients by body needs in the purest forms. This helps me set my diet for optimal wellness. This can be done by either eating them in the raw format of juicing them.

Why reboot?

The idea of a reboot is to cleanse, detox and reset my body. Don't we all need to restart out phones, laptops, tablets. Similarly rebooting helps us nourish our body with the rich minerals and vitamins presents in the raw form of fruits and vegetables. It helps us eliminate toxins from our body, building immunity and resets our taste buds to crave healthy foods. It not only aids digestion but also promotes good skin and you feel good overall.

I have to admit, that after I watched Joe Cross's- Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, I have been inspired to reboot and reset by body to see the results for myself.

reboot with joe

Those of your who have been reading the blog regularly, already know that I am not fond of juicing fruits . Those of you who haven't read my post 'What's in your juice and is it really worth it?'click, here to read it. However I do feel differently for juicing vegetables. It could take upto 3-4 oranges to make a glass of orange juice right? Do you think we would be able to consume that many oranges at one time. No right? Now reverse the equation for vegetables. It would take us upto 3 fruits, 2 handfuls of leafy greens, handful of veggies for the base and few pieces of flavor bursts to make a juice right? Well do you think we could eat all of the above in one go. No right? So the latter example is the clear winner in terms of compacting nutrients in a glass of juice as compared to the first example. In short, juicing just fruits isn't healthy. It's purely sugar and no barely any fiber. However juicing vegetables and fruits in the 80:20 ratio is the beat way to get benefits from juicing. Your juice should comprise primarily of vegetables and just enough fruit to sweeten the juice, that's it.

Immune Booster Juice

ORange juice Reboot with joeSince I am all in the fall mood, I decided to start with a fall color juice - orange. This orange citrus juice is packed with the goodness from carrots, oranges, celery and ginger. It's a great way to kickstart you mornings. This bright orange juice is  high in Vitamin C & beta-carotene which help build immunity and fight infection. Celery being high in natural sodium is essential to include in your juices when you are doing a juice fast. Ginger aids digestion, boosts metabolism, acts as anti-inflammatory.

If you like this recipe, you could also try making these Vitamin C Gummies, which are always a big hit with the kids. For a stronger homemade remedy for Cold and Cough, this Turmeric Ginger Elixir is my go-to recipe.

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reboot with joe, juice

Immune Booster Juice Recipe


  • 4 carrots
  • 4 celery stalks
  • 2 oranges
  • 2 inch piece of ginger


Wash all the produce thoroughly
Add produce in a juicer or blender, juice.
Enjoy the easiest and simplest form of nutrition.

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juice fast reboot with joe orange carrots ginger celery

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