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Sweet Guava Chutney / Meethi Chutney / Goiabada Chutney

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This sweet chutney is a much easier alternative to the traditional sweet tamarind date and jaggery chutney. Made with just 2 main ingredients, this is super easy to prepare and is ready in just 15 minutes. Goiaba / Goiabada Chutney

If you are a lover of chaat (Indian street food), you will know that no chaat is complete with the Khatti Meethi Imli Chutney (sweet & tangy tamarind chutney). Typically it's made with soaking tamarind in the water. After the tamarind is soft enough it's strained to collect the tamarind pulp. The pulp is then sweetened with jaggery, dates or sugar and is cooked until the quantity reduces to half. Typically spices like red chilli powder (paprika), roasted cumin seeds & himalayan salt are also added to this chutney. In most Indian households, a big batch of this chutney is prepared and stored in the refrigerator for days together. Why, you wonder? Think if it like an equivalent to ketchup or more so the Indian ketchup. We can use it on anything and everything, it's not just limited to chaat. There are two things I cannot have without this chutney at any given point in time, Aloo Chaat  & Samosas. For more chaat where you can use this chutney, click here.Sweet Guava Chutney

So if you are thinking why I am posting a recipe of a chutney if it is already so simple to make. Well guess what? The Guava chutney recipe that I am about to share with you is even more simpler. Sweet (meethi chutney) cannot get easier than this.

I still remember when I had just moved to the US from India I was still following the above method to make Sweet Chutney. My sister also moved to the US a couple years later and thanks to her for introducing me to this easy peasy Sweet Chutney. Ever since I prefer making this preparation of chutney rather than the traditional one. BTW, guess what, often times during parties I have made this chutney and my guests haven't even realized I haven't made it using tamarind, jaggery or dates.

Sweet Guava Chutney

sweet Guava Chutney So according to Wikipedia guava paste or Goiabada happens to be a popular dessert in Portugese speaking countries.  No wonders I have often found myself just relishing those small pieces of Goiaba. Goiabada dates back to the early days of Portuguese colonization of Brazil as a way to preserve fresh fruit, and under refrigeration it has a very long shelf life. In the US, I have typically found it available  in ethnic markets like Asian Grocery Stores or Indian Stores under the Goya or Iberia brand. If you come across goiabada when haunting these ethnic markets, pick some up and pop it in the refrigerator. It may be a lifesaver sometime when you find yourself needing a quick dessert.


So what do you think? Easier than the traditional Date and Tamarind Chutney or no? If you land up trying the guava chunks or this recipe, don't forget to send us you pictures on Instagram and tag us. Or drop in your review on our Facebook page.  Check out our Pinterest boards for all the healthy eating inspiration you’ll ever need.

Sweet Guava Chutney

Guava Chutney / Goiabada Chutney

Yield: 16 oz.


  • 1 cup Guava paste / Goiba / Goiabada
  • 2 cups water


!For basic chutney
In a sauce pan add 2 cups of water.
Add in the guava/ goiaba chunks
Bring it to boil and make sure all the guava chunks are dissolved in water.
Depending upon the consistency you like you can reduce the quantity of the mixture and keep it thick or store it as is.

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sweet meethi chutney

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Vera Mistry

Saturday 27th of March 2021

What kind of chutney is this!!!! Where will the sweet and tangy come from if there are no sweet(meethy)or spicy (teekha) or lemon-y ingredients? What a waste of time.


Sunday 21st of February 2021

I love guava and I love sweet/tangy chutneys (plus, I just happen to have a package of guava paste on hand!), so I was thrilled to find this recipe! However, I'd really like to try the saunth version (as I also love cumin and the depth spices bring to chutneys), but I don't have any asafoetida. Obviously it could be left out, but can you recommend a good substitute? Would a pinch each of garlic and onion powders work, maybe? Thanks!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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