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Breakfast On-The-Go

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Breakfast on-the-go recipe for those busy weekday mornings. Healthy, filling and ready in 10 minutes. Grab-and-go, no mess & kid friendly.

Let's face it - mornings are the busiest for me. I am pretty sure it's the same for you too. Gone are the days when I had all the leisure time in the world to sip a hot cup of tea / coffee while flipping through the headlines of the day. These days it's all about waking up early and getting breakfast ready, getting little A ready, making sure the stuff he needs to take to school is all ready, sorting out lunch and dropping him to school! Phew!!!  Sometimes Dr.Mystery is traveling too and he barely has any time to sit down for a breakfast. It's pretty much is a hectic start. In the middle of all this I have realized that the days mornings tend to be a little smoother are the days where I make the breakfast ahead in time or just grab-and-go. Making breakfast ahead in time definitely helps but grab-and-go tends to make life even more easier. Little A just eats in the car and Dr.Mystery can bite into his breakfast while driving, which helps avoid all the last minute chaos due to lack of time.breakfast dhokla idlis

breakfst idli dhokla


So one of my favorite on the grab-and-go list are a fusion of  two savory cakes. Inspired from the Indian Idli (more Idli recipes here)and Dhokla (more Dhokla recipes here). What I love about this breakfast is that I can make them ahead in time if I know I won't have any time in the morning at all. If you are like me who prefers warn breakfast, just prepare the batter the night before, and the next morning while  you are getting ready, these soft spongy cakes will be ready in 10 minutes. The savory cakes are filling and best of all non messy (perfect for the car ride). Unlike any other cakes, these cakes do not crumble as they are super moist.savory cakes

breakfast dhokla idlis

breakfst dhokla idli

I make these savory cakes in my Egg Poacher. You read it right, I steam them instead of baking, as I mentioned above these are inspired from the Indian Idli and Dhokla. To be honest, although I am a food blogger I am not a big fan of collecting too many kitchen utensils that I have to clean myself. Ofcourse I don't mind if I have to stack them in the dish washer. I don't believe that I need to have a specific appliance to cook something just because that's how it traditionally is. I moved away from the traditional frying to the Appe Pan (more Appe Pan recipes here) and my Egg Poacher is great for making savory cakes like Idli's and Dhokla's or even savory muffins. It's compact, easy to clean, dishwasher safe and lets me poach eggs, make muffins, idlis & even dhoklas. I can't complain.

Egg Poacher

(Check out this Egg Poacher here)


If you like this recipe, check out more of our breakfast recipes or different variations of idlis and dhoklas. Tell us what your favorite breakfast on-the go is?

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idli Dhokla Muffin

Breakfast On-The-Go


For Batter

For Tempering

For Garnishing

  • Cilantro


!Make the batter ahead in time
In a large bowl, add semolina, yogurt, salt, lemon juice and ginger. You can also add green chillies, cilantro or semi cooked veggies like carrots & peas) Mix all the ingredients together until the batter is of a pouring consistency. Add water if needed.
!If making the batter the same day, mix all the above ingredients and keep it aside for 15 to 20 minutes.
!Steaming the cakes
Add Baking Soda or Eno Fruit Salt| and mix well until the batter gets a little fluffy.
Pour a couple drops of oil| into each cup and fill two third of the cups.
Cover the lid and cook on medium heat for about 10 minutes, until a toothpick comes clean. The time could vary depending on the type of heat, gas, induction or electric.Remove the cakes gently
!Tempering the cake.
In a Tadka Pan or Sauce Pan, heat some oil.
Once the oil| is hot, add the mustard seeds and green chillies and allow them to splutter. Drizzle over the individual cakes. Grab -and-go or enjoy it with Green Chutney.

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Tuesday 4th of October 2016

These look delicious light and healthy!!! Thank you for this!!! perfect for on the go!

Reesa Lewandowski

Monday 3rd of October 2016

These look so delicious! I have been looking for new ways to enjoy breakfast when I am on the run. This looks perfect.

Whitney S

Sunday 2nd of October 2016

This looks yummy! I've never had anything like this before! I love how they are easy to take on the go, especially on those really busy mornings, where you don't have time to sit down!


Sunday 2nd of October 2016

those are some interesting ingredient mixes for me to eat every breakfast but i would love to try it out next time looks good and amazig

Christina Aliperti

Sunday 2nd of October 2016

Great idea! These savory little cakes look perfect for grab and go breakfasts. We are always in a rush in the morning.

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