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Indian Patriotic Food

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Indian patriotic food is here again as we are a week away from celebrating India's 70th Independence Day. We have a perfect round up for you showcasing some of our recipes that qualify for patriotic food. Back home in India, this marks a very special day with celebrations in almost every community. People from the community get together for flag hoisting and festive food. A lot of schools have a flag hoisting ceremony too along with a parade. Miss those days. However here in the US, it's a different situation. Both Soniya and myself are of Indian origin but have been living here for a while. Although we are still passionate about these holidays, our kids don't relate to these holidays as much as we do. Ofcourse it's natural, however as parents we try our part to bring about an awareness and talk to them about it and what better way to celebrate these holidays with food.

  1. Vegetable Dhokla dhokla
  2. Hummus Trio Hummus
  3. Tiranga Sandwhichtiranga sandwich
  4. Sooji Toast / Savory Semolina French Toast (Eggfree)
    Sooji Toast Semolina Toast, Eggless Frech Toast,
  5. Tirangi NankhataiDSC_3488 1200
  6. Appe Shots / Savory Semolina Pancake Puffs Appe Shots
  7. Tirange Salad SkewersTirange Salad Skewers
  8. Tiranga Popcorn (Sriracha / Mint / Lime)DSC_3508 no label
  9. Tiranga Breakfast Toast Healthy Tiranga Toast
  10. Semolina Vegetable Muffins, inspired from the Indian flagSemolina Muffins
  11. Cucumber Rollscucumber rolls
  12. Tricolored Banana Oatmeal Yogurt BowlBanana Oatmeal Yogurt Bowl 3
  13. Tricolored Idlis 3-Tirangi Idlis
  14. Vegetable PinwheelsVeggie Pinwheels

Do you have a favorite from the list that you would like to try first, which one is it? Tell us in the comments.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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