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1 Batter 7 Dishes

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Recently our  7 days 7 dishes series (breakfast, lunch) has become very popular. So this week again we are back with another roundup post. However this time it's slighty different. Today we have 7 dishes for the week using just one batter. Yes, don't rub your eyes, you read it right. Ofcourse it's not going to get mundane as we change the flavors for you too. The main ingredients of this batter are semolina, yogurt and vegetables. When seasoned differently, tempered  and served with different combinations of different vegetables and dips, no two dishes taste alike. Try it yourself.

Sooji Toast Batter

 1 batter 7 dishes

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Let's start with one of our most popular dishes made from that batter.

  1. Vegetable Semolina Muffins Our kids love muffins. Time and again they request us to make muffins, so instead of serving them a sugary treat everytime, we often make these eggfree savory muffins that are loaded with veggies. Oh yeah, we love sneaking in some veggies, every opportunity we get. These taste great, grab and go or make them ahead for a party or even serve them as an appetizer you are sure to please a crowd with something different. savory semolina muffins
  2. Savory Eggfree French Toast If you are looking for a breakfast that is not only filling but quick and can be served warm. This is your recipe. Sooji Toast
  3. [adinserter block="2"]Sooji Appe These bite size savory pancake puffs are great for breakfast, snack or party appetizer. They are no-mess and always a big hit with the kids. If you are hosting a party, serve them in style.Appe Shots
  4. Baked Vegetable Dhokla These semolina squares is my favorite potluck dish. Easy to make and is always a crowd pleaser. Dr.Mystery loves these for breakfasts while I like them with my evening tea.sooji dhokla
  5. [adinserter block="2"]Breakfast Waffles Savory waffles anyone? Loaded with flavor and the goodness of veggies, what more can one ask for. Savory semolina waffles
  6. Semolina Uttapams Enjoy these instant colorful savory pancakes with the toppings cooked right into the batter.Instant semolina Uttapams
  7. [adinserter block="2"]Semolina Loaf Cake this savory loaf with a bomb of flavors inside is a great alternative to breadSemolina cake

Here you go, 7 simple and quick dishes using one batter where none of them taste alike. Let us know when you try these recipe. Tag us on Facebook or use #TBRTM on Twitter or Instagram.

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Monday 15th of January 2018

Hi ! That's a great idea (s) ! You may add one more - before adding yogurt, you may use the mix to make upma :)

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Sunday 17th of December 2017

These look great!I will definitely try them for my little one! Saved!!

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Friday 1st of July 2016

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