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Soniya Saluja

Hello, I am Soniya. I am a mother of 2 energetic boys, R2 (8 year old) and R3 (3 year old) . Wondering who is R1, well that is my husband. Although my R1 and myself, were born / brought up and ‘spoil’ in Mumbai, we are now settled in Virginia. I learnt cooking from my mom at an early age and understood quickly that cooking needs love and care. Its sometimes a challenge to cook food that can entice my 3R’s as all 3 of them have their likes and dislikes about food.
Being a mother of 2 kids gives me a different perspective of life and healthy eating. Its important for us to ensure that our kids appreciate healthy food and have energy for what they want to do throughout the day. Ensuring that healthy food looks enticing to both my kids is an art and I feel I have learnt it quite nicely. Here I am sharing it with you all. Hope you like it.